armadilloface (armadilloface) wrote in canadianmusic,

Big Rock Untapped

So Big Rock Beer (an Albertan treasure) hosts a website for artists to stick up music for people to check out. It's really cool, totally free, and is a resource to familiarize yourself with some of the local acts that might be haunting your neighbourhoods. Once a year-ish a panel of judges take a few of the submissions (not necessarily the most 'tapped') and release a disc called 'Big Rock Untapped' which comes free with your purchase of a case of Big Rock Beer. You get beer, you get a CD, win win. Albertan artists like John Wort HannamBen Sures and the scrabulous Michael Bernard Fitzgerald have been included in the previous offerings of this disc. Zang. 

So yeah, if you're up for listening to some Canadian indie goodness then go bust it open. 

You can start here
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