Oscar (hoskie) wrote in canadianmusic,

Men in Kilts

There is an absolutely FANTASTIC celtic folk rock band from Manitoba called "Men in Kilts." Their website used to be meninkilts.ca (and they still list it as their official site) but the domain seems to have been taken over by a gutter cleaning company (either that, or its just a joke?).

I tried messaging them via their MySpace page (currently the only site of theirs I can find) to ask about buying CDs, but I haven't heard back and it's been well over a month.

Does anyone know where I can find Men in Kilts CDs (or MP3s)?
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Well the best bet is Festival du Voyageur in February, but I gather that's a Winnipeg thing. Sometimes they play there, and the tents carry random merchandise like that. Otherwise I'd say one of their concerts, or maybe eBay, because they're pretty unattainable. I actually own one of their CDs but I can't remember for the life of me where I got it O.o.

Sorry, that's not much help, I know. But if I ever remember or find out where I got that CD from, I'll let you know, provided you haven't gotten your answer by then.
I would love to support the band, but unfortunately I don't think I'll be making it out to Winnipeg anytime soon. ;P

... I don't suppose you'd be willing to rip the CD? *sheepish grin*
I could do that ^.^

Tomorrow though. I'm not sure where the CD is and it's too late to go digging around the house looking for it, lol. I'll message you with a download link.
Oh, awesome!

... and of course, take your time. :3
... hate to be a pest, but did you ever end up finding that CD?

*looks hopeful*