Anam Cara (anam_cara_) wrote in canadianmusic,
Anam Cara

Looking for a specific song...

I hope it is alright to post this inquiry here (if not let me know and I will remove it).

I'm looking for a song that has the following lines in it:

"Dancing on a tightrope suspended across a song
Balance on a thin lifeline defying gravities of right and wrong
Searching for the chord that ties it all together
For the sake of love, forever and ever..."

It's a Rik Emmett(from Triumph) song from either his Absolutely album or his Ipso Facto album.

I know it's not Saved by Love, or Middle Ground, or When a Heart Breaks Down, as I have found those lyrics online. It's completely un-Google-able, and I can't seem to track down a copy of either CD locally or through iTunes.

I appreciate any assistance you are able to give me, even if it's merely narrowing the song list down more.

Drive Time
Big Lie
Saved By Love
When A Heart Breaks Down

World Of Wonder
Stand And Deliver
The Way That You Love Me
Middle Ground
Heaven Only Knows
Smart, Fast, Mean And Lucky
Passage (For Big Nick)-- is this instrumental only?

Straight Up
Bang On
Let Love Conquer All
Heaven In Your Heart
Dig A Little Deeper
Lickity Bit
Rainbow Man
Out Of The Blue
Meet You There
Can't Lie To Myself
Do Me Good
Calling St. Cecilia
Woke Up This Morning (Blues In My Fingers)

Thank you!
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