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8 Sarah Harmer icons! [01 Jun 2012|10:34pm]

1. 2. 3.

The rest here at my journal.

Comment, credit, and enjoy!
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ATG's Boxing Day Blowout (Toronto) [14 Dec 2009|05:24pm]

ATG’s Boxing Day Blowout at Lee’s Palace with performances by:

Bathurst Queens
Stiff Wires
Outbred Inlaws
The Nightmares

@ Lee's Palace, 9pm/19+

email: thenightmaresmusic@gmail.com or go to http://www.myspace.com/thenightmaresmusic for guest list
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No Assembly Required - New Album - FREE [04 Dec 2009|06:16pm]


Download the new NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED album for free!!
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THE MISFITS in Toronto w/ The Nightmares [28 Oct 2009|10:49pm]

THE MISFITS return to Toronto w/

The Nightmares
The Stiffwires

& more

***Skip the service charge and support local music - Discount early bird tickets available EXCLUSIVELY through THE NIGHTMARES***

Contact the Nightmares at thenightmaresmusic@gmail.com or http://www.myspace.com/thenightmaresmusic

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Guidance おください [08 Apr 2009|01:49pm]

Hey there!
I'm trying to book a few gigs around Alberta early this July.
Any tips for a good place to play in Edmonton or Calgary?

View Andrew Scott's Sonicbids EPK
View Andrew Scott's EPK
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The Nightmares - Rock n Roll from Toronto, Canada [29 Mar 2009|03:40pm]


The Nightmares are an explosive, high energy 4-piece rock band formed in Toronto, Canada during the early months of 2009. The band infuses their unique, intense style of garage rock with punk, classic rock, pop and other influences from rock n roll around the world.They're live show will knock you off your feet, and their music translates great to recordings.

The Nightmares brand new independently released EP is available on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/thenightmaresmusic

For more information or to get your hands on a copy of the new EP contact the band at thenightmaresmusic@gmail.com. stay tuned for itunes distribution details

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Big Rock Untapped [04 Mar 2009|01:03am]

So Big Rock Beer (an Albertan treasure) hosts a website for artists to stick up music for people to check out. It's really cool, totally free, and is a resource to familiarize yourself with some of the local acts that might be haunting your neighbourhoods. Once a year-ish a panel of judges take a few of the submissions (not necessarily the most 'tapped') and release a disc called 'Big Rock Untapped' which comes free with your purchase of a case of Big Rock Beer. You get beer, you get a CD, win win. Albertan artists like John Wort HannamBen Sures and the scrabulous Michael Bernard Fitzgerald have been included in the previous offerings of this disc. Zang. 

So yeah, if you're up for listening to some Canadian indie goodness then go bust it open. 

You can start here
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March 7 - The Nightmares EP Release w/ Rehab for Quitters (Toronto) [01 Mar 2009|10:18pm]

Check out the debut of The Nightmares and pick up their new EP! Opening is local rock n rollers, Rehab for Quitters!
Also, DJ Darrin Pfiffer from Goldfinger and CFNY will be spinning in the back.

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The "Chasing White Rabbits" EP. [03 Feb 2009|03:47pm]


Currently being mixed and finalized the 'Chasing White Rabbits" EP should be ready to go March 2009.

We have shows coming up to promote the upcoming new release.
Feb 20/09 we will be playing at  'Annies On Queen'  372 Queen St. E (at Parliament), Toronto.

$5 cover at the door and 3 bands to enjoy.

for more details please visit: www.adamsgod.com

more to come about this show and all that are involved.

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A band! [26 Jan 2009|10:53pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Found out about a band: The Creepshow, from Burlington, ON...Their website: http://www.thecreepshow.org/
Wikipedia's entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Creepshow

They kinda remind me of No Doubt in their early, early years...Just less ska, more 80s/early 90s punkish...I thoroughly enjoy them =D

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Mumiy Troll comes to America 2009 - Greetings! [14 Jan 2009|09:09pm]


Tour schedule: Collapse )
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Men in Kilts [12 Dec 2008|12:09am]

There is an absolutely FANTASTIC celtic folk rock band from Manitoba called "Men in Kilts." Their website used to be meninkilts.ca (and they still list it as their official site) but the domain seems to have been taken over by a gutter cleaning company (either that, or its just a joke?).

I tried messaging them via their MySpace page (currently the only site of theirs I can find) to ask about buying CDs, but I haven't heard back and it's been well over a month.

Does anyone know where I can find Men in Kilts CDs (or MP3s)?
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Toronto Rock Bands [05 Nov 2008|01:08pm]

The Famous Monsters

music. pictures and more at: www.myspace.com/thefamousmonsters

The Delinquints

music, pictures, and more at: www.myspace.com/delinquintsmusic

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Opinions Please [03 Oct 2008|01:22pm]

Quick Question:

What is your favourite album cover and why?
Any band, any genre, any age, anything.

Arigasama deshita,
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Constantines Live at the7th Street Entry, June 17th 2008 [15 Jul 2008|01:37pm]

Check out some live video of the Constantines shot on the first night of their current tour on June 17th, 2008, at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, MN. Songs featured include: Young Lions, Little Instruments, Trans Canada, Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright), Arizona, and Young Offenders. Check them out here: http://scheduletwo.com/video/constantines
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Canadian music fandom help [11 Jul 2008|04:28pm]

Can anyone help edit the Canada article on Fan History to include more information on Canadian music and Canadian music fandoms? The whole Canada fandom category could also really use some work from people who have a better idea of what was happening in Canadian fandoms. Any help that you can provide would be very much appreciated! :) Thanks!
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No Assembly Required - I Hate [15 May 2008|01:42am]


buy our album:
http://www.amazon.com (search 'no assembly required')
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Jet Set Satellite [31 Mar 2008|05:50pm]

Jet Set Satellite's newest single/video!

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[29 Mar 2008|05:54pm]

Howdy, howdy, I searched through LJ's interests for this, but I didn't get any luck, so I thought I would ask here.

Does anyone know if there's a comm dedicated to sharing Canadian music? If not, and I made one, would anyone here be enthused/interested?

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Looking for a specific song... [19 Mar 2008|06:08pm]

I hope it is alright to post this inquiry here (if not let me know and I will remove it).

I'm looking for a song that has the following lines in it:

"Dancing on a tightrope suspended across a song
Balance on a thin lifeline defying gravities of right and wrong
Searching for the chord that ties it all together
For the sake of love, forever and ever..."

It's a Rik Emmett(from Triumph) song from either his Absolutely album or his Ipso Facto album.

I know it's not Saved by Love, or Middle Ground, or When a Heart Breaks Down, as I have found those lyrics online. It's completely un-Google-able, and I can't seem to track down a copy of either CD locally or through iTunes.

I appreciate any assistance you are able to give me, even if it's merely narrowing the song list down more.
List of Songs from Absolutely/Ipso FactoCollapse )

Thank you!
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